Please stop yelling at me...

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Please stop yelling at me...

Post by CharlieSummers »

So there's no confusion, 98% of the people here are really nice folks, and this post is not targeted to you. It's the 2% that sends me testy emails complaining about this, or that, or the other thing that I want to directly address here. Or, actually, it's the most common complaints that need to be addressed (and truth is, this is for everyone, since even polite questions tend to be on the same topics):

1) Where's the podcast! There isn't a podcast of The Bob Edwards Show <s>or Bob Edwards' Weekend,</s> and you can bet there won't be (there is a podcast on The Nostalgic Rumblings Blog, but you won't find BES there). You can purchase a subscription to BES through Audible, but since those files are laden with DRM (Digital Rights Management) software, and I'm against DRM on general principle, I can't in good conscience point you there (but if you can't figure out the URL from that...).

Can you imagine how annoyed XM would be at me if I made a free podcast available of a show they use as a selling point for the service and sell through Audible? Yipe.

[Edit 12/11/2007: XM Satellite Radio is now making available a podcast of Bob Edwards Weekend - see this post for more info and this forum for the shows themselves, and this posting for a simple explanation of how to listen.]

2) With all the money XM pays you, you could have a better website! Um, I thought putting a disclaimer at the bottom of every page would have made this clear, but I don't work for XM. Heck, I pay XM <s>(three radio subscriptions)</s>. I am not affiliated with the show, or XM, other than being a big fan of the show and a fan (with some reservations) of XM in general. I don't get paid to operate this website, either...I pay to host the site, and although there is a "Donate" button over on the sidebar, I don't have any advertisements on the site - seriously, how many other websites do you visit without advertisements flashing all over the place? (I do have an affiliate link on the book/CD/DVD links in the calendar, but last year that made me enough in commission to operate this website for less than one month, so lets all put the idea that this is some money-making operation to bed already.)

I run this website because I really like the show. And, to be completely honest, I've spent the last quarter-century of my life starting my day with Bob, and I'm too d*mned old to stop now. If the guy retires before I die, I'm going to have to spool old Morning Edition and BES shows just to kick-start my brain. I'm a creature of habit, and this is one habit I have no intention of breaking.

But I didn't start it because I was paid to do so, or because I'm on-staff, or because I could make a fortune. This is fun for me...most of the time, anyway.

3) It takes too long for you to confirm my registration! (If you don't understand what I mean here, please read this post - go ahead, I'll wait.) Ok, guilty as charged. We're getting an average of 30 registrations a day from scammers determined to spam their pr0n/pills/enlargement nonsense and the numbers of these keeps gradually climbing, which I have to manually delete after tracking down where they come from and what they promote to make sure I don't delete any legitimate registrations. Some days, I'm just not in the mood to face it, so it can take me a few days to get around to it. Sorry 'bout that, but again, this isn't a "job," it's a hobby, so relax...I'll get to it eventually. If you have a question about a specific guest or book that just can't wait, simply drop me a note using that "Contact the Webmaster" button over on the left and politely ask instead of yelling at me, and I'll cheerfully get you any info you need.

[Edit 09/17/2008: Scratch that 30-or-so number; the attempted registrations in a day's time has climbed well into the hundreds every day; I've added software to limit the amount of damage they can do and how far they can get in the registration process, but it's still a pain in the patoots to go through the chaff every day, so it doesn't always get done.]

[Edit 07/09/2011: The registration routines are broken, along with a bunch of other stuff. This summer/fall I will be updating the operating system and all of the software on this server, and will then repair everything. Until then, please bare with me - if you need any information in particular, drop me an email and ask.]

4) No one is chatting on your board! Er...what exactly do you want me to do about that...hold a gun to every registrant's head and force them to post? Instead of complaining, if you want to start a conversation, please do. Complaining to me that everyone here is more interested in the Previous Guests Calendar and Upcoming Guests Page than the Forum isn't going to get any discussion going.

5) Why are you behind on the Previous Guests Calendar and Upcoming Guests page?! Because I have a life, a family, and other things to do. I try to keep up, honest I do, but frequently I fall behind. Please remember that volunteer thing before you complain about this one again.

6) I hated the interview you had with {Fill-In-The_Blank}! Er...wasn't me. For those who are really confused when emailing me, I am not Bob...he towers over me while probably weighing 100-lbs or more less than I do - the two of us side-by-side personify the "Mutt-and-Jeff" stereotype. I sing high tenor, Bob doesn't. Trust me, you'd never mistake me for Bob outside of the Internet.

Bob has an email address announced on every BES show (I don't want to include it here because of the spammer scrapers, but it's his first name at the domain where he works), and he has a website complete with blog, so if he was too conservative/liberal/harsh/wimpy/whatever, feel free to let him know. If this website is broken, though, don't bother him with it, since (yet again) it isn't under his or the show's control - that would be my problem.

Ok, I'm done now. If you sent me a complaint and received this URL in reply, hopefully you understand a bit more about how this website works (or doesn't, depending on your perspective), and will be a bit more patient or a bit less strident when contacting me again.
Charlie Summers
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