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While Bob takes the month off running some of the best shows from the past, around here I'm going to try to get some catch-up work done:

1) I'm going to work on the Previous Guests Calendar, which has slipped pretty far behind. The show's own website has archived "next week on the show" information from the site inception, but that doesn't reflect last-minute changes in the shows; the Previous Guests Calendar here is always after-air, and reflects exactly what aired on the show, so I'm going to continue maintaining it. Besides, this is the only one outside the internal database at Sirius XM that actually has every program aired (excepting the previously-mentioned backlog) from the show's 2004 beginnings.

2) I need to change from pointing to Barnes and Nobel; their affiliate system is now owned by Google, which means click-throughs are attached to all the other information Google holds on everyone, and that isn't acceptable to me. Not certain what I'm going to do, frankly, since Amazon requires the evil Alexa to access affiliate websites and we block Alexa on all the sites we run, but I am determined to offer book purchases without putting our visitor's personal information at any more risk than necessary. While I accept it's impossible to keep everything private and still make a few pennies' commission to keep the site running (before you think I'm getting rich on affiliate commissions, we make between $25.00 to $30.00 per year from booksales on this website, which doesn't cover bandwidth fees for even a month), there's no reason to generate more risk for you than absolutely necessary.

So it looks like I'm going to have a busy month!
Charlie Summers
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