Bob Edwards' New Book - FREE!

Bob's new book <em>A Voice in the Box; My Life in Radio</em> is being published in September - here's where we'll discuss the book, and Bob's special appearances promoting it!
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Bob Edwards' New Book - FREE!

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Bob Edwards' new book, <em>A Voice in the Box: My Life in Radio,</em> is <em>free</em> in ebook format for the next week! Until September 9th, 2011, the book may be downloaded <em>free</em> from any of these ebook retailers:

<a href=" ... ">Amazon?s Kindle Store</a>
<s>(Will be delivered to your Kindle device on October 1, 2011)</s>
Fixed, apparently; just downloaded to my Kindle application)

<a href=" ... ky">Barnes and Noble</a>
(Downloaded immediately to my Nook for PC reader)

<a href=" ... se">Google Books</a>
(Listed a price, can't check because of my Google blocks)

You'll still need to pick up a paper copy if you want Bob to sign it, though. And check out <a href=" ... wards/">my review</a> of the book.
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