So much for SiriusXM...

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So much for SiriusXM...

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As most interested folks know by now, archive editions of The Bob Edwards Show have been marginalized to three airings a day, 6-9am East, 3-6am in the West, moving them well out of drive-time for most of the country. No wonder the opening date has disappeared from the broadcast...

In retrospect, this all makes a tremendous amount of sense. Clearly the program directors have no clue what "public radio"-style programming is; when they think "talk radio," they think Howie-style yelling and call-in shows where people as ignorant as the rest of us spout off opinions to feed their fragile egos. This explains Sirius closing production of the program last October - clearly this "new channel" was in the planning stages for well longer than those three months. (And as an aside, all this makes me miss Hugh Panero all over again - there's a guy who "got it.")

To make matters worse, today, the first day of the "Insight" regime (Monday doesn't really count since, at least until 9:00am, it was still, the on-line stream is terrible, cutting out and stuttering constantly even though I've shut everything down that might use any bandwidth. So with only three airings, it's almost impossible to get a decent recording (assuming, of course, I would do such a thing, which if I did would be a clear violation of the SiriusXM Terms of Service). At least the show is still available in the On Demand area...for now, anyhow.

Clearly, SXM is pushing Bob, and by extension smart and informative talk radio, out-the-door in favor of raucous loudmouths, so it's time for us to give up on them, too. My problem is, I have no idea what exactly to do about it...Bob needs a new show somewhere else, but I don't know how to make that happen. What I do know are computers and the Net...I'll be happy to put together a private "working group" here so that people smarter than I in this area can discuss what we as an audience can do to bring Bob's special kind of interview skills back in new productions. If you're interested, get ahold of me using that "Contact the Webmaster" link on the sidebar.

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