Bob's Interview Style

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Bob's Interview Style

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I really enjoy Bob's guests, but does anyone else find his interview style really annoying at times? He's barely interacting. He just makes statements based on his research, he doesn't ask questions. He'll say, "And then you did this." "And then you did that."
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In my opinion, Bob wants his guests to do the bulk of the talking. He gets them to talk in a variety of ways. Direct questions, relevant comments, etc. Making statements based on research is just as much interection as asking a question and is maybe a more natural way of conversational interaction than just asking a question.

What we hear on-air is usually edited; I'm guessing that the producers favor airing the guest's comments over Bob's, with just enough of Bob for the overall interview to "flow" and make sense. Much of the intereaction you desire may, as they say, end up on the cutting room floor.

I guess I actually like the current style the producers follow when they cut the show together, because it maximizes a guest's time in the interview. Whatever magic he uses, Bob gets his guests talking.