John Prine

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John Prine

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I'm listening to my favorite Bob Edwards musical interview this morning, John Prine. This is the third time Bob has aired the interview, but its as enjoyable as hearing a good, old friend. It doesn't get any better than this.
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Re: John Prine

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tps wrote:This is the third time Bob has aired the interview
Fourth, if you count February's Bob Edwards' Weekend.

I admit I'm a little curious about the repeats this month; almost every one has been repeated before - I think the Jeremy Irons interview is the only one that hasn't been replayed at least once before. Surely there are boatloads of other excellent interviews which haven't yet reaired - even if the musical shows are personal favorites of Bob's, it still seems to me to be an odd choice to re-air early shows which have already been replayed.

(Ah, least they didn't replay the Hem interview. ;) )
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