Laruen Sandler interview

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Laruen Sandler interview

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Hope I don't press to many "hot buttons" with these comments.

1) Regarding Behe's "Darwin's Black Box": I have read this book, in which argues for intelligent design. My reaction was that even improbable events, such as those Behe discusses, will probably happen, given enough time. What is the chance that a deck of cards will be dealt in a particular order? 52 factorial (52 * 51 * 50 ...), a VERY large number, but a finite number. Given an even larger number of deals, it is not only possoble that that particular order will occur, but it becomes LIKELY as the number of deals becomes even larger. Regarding evolution, maybe it occured over a length of time that is almost unimaginable to us...

2) Regarding Christian religion, they didn't touch on what I consider Christianity's problem: failure of many converts understand the inexactness of Bible translations, and how that affects interpretation of the message. One could make a case that the Bible shouild start with: "In the beginning, those from above prepared the sky and land." I feel that maybe a better translation of the New Testament's closest parallel to this verse should be: "In the beginning, the message already existed, and the message was in fellowship with God, and what God was, the message was." Plain and simple, if Christians really want to find REAL meaning in the Bible, they'd learn a bit of Hebrew and Greek to have a better appreciation of the richness of the message. Jews are encouraged to learn Hebrew and Muslims are encouraged to learn Arabic, so why should Christians be different? In a way, most English translations of the New Testament seem to me somewhat like the "Readers Digest" version. This from someone who hasn't made a proper effort at learning Greek or Hebrew, but at least I spent some time at it.

All in all, Lauren Sandler did come to what I feel is a reasonable conclusion. Many join a church for the sense of community and purpose it gives.
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The only "hot button" you pressed for me was admiration for how well you stated both points. Obviously I agree.

Long ago, in college (Presbyterian affiliated) I took a required course in Old Testament and one in New Testament. One important point in both was understanding the development of the texts and the effects of translation from language to language. Additionally, most texts were written long after the events and then the early church made a decision on what books would be included in the canon. (If it doesn't agree with what we think, it is out.) I'm constantly amazed at the people who believe that Jesus spoke in red letters in Elizabethan english. God's Scholars is a very useful book to read on this topic.