Line of the Day - January 10, 2007

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Line of the Day - January 10, 2007

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Ok, ok, I first thought about posting a "line of the day," that line in the show that tickles my admittedly-warped sense of humor, last Monday when during the chat with David Broder we heard:
Bob Edwards: So the new Democratic-controlled Congress was sworn in last week, it passed lobbying reform, and then the Democrats held a $1000-a-ticket fundraiser attended by hundreds of lobbiests. So much for a new day in Washington...
...but I restrained. However, this morning I simply could not resist this exchange:
Bob Edwards: So we hear about "tort reform," what is "tort reform," what's that phrase mean?

Stephane Mencimer: It's so meaningless in a lot of ways. But technically a "tort" is a legal injury, so it's anything...being injured in a car can be being liabled by The Bob Edwards Show for instance...

Bob Edwards: (*sputter*)
Feel free to nominate your picks for "Line of the Day." ;)
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