New Multi-Year Deal between XM and Bob Edwards

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New Multi-Year Deal between XM and Bob Edwards

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It's been a busy week for Bob Edwards. Hot on the heels of the announcement he is taking over as president of AFTRA, MediaWeek is reporting a new multi-year deal for The Bob Edwards Show:
Through a new multi-year deal with XM Satellite Radio, public radio icon Bob Edwards will continue to host The Bob Edwards Show, the flagship morning show for XM?s Public Radio channel, XM announced Thursday.

Edwards jumped to satellite radio nearly three years ago in 2004. Since then he?s interviewed hundreds of notable personalities from politics, entertainment, publishing and the arts, including: William F. Buckley, Jr.; Jimmy Carter; George Clooney; Matt Dillon; Nora Ephron; Al Gore; Philip Seymour Hoffman; Arianna Huffington; Jeremy Irons; Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.; Bob Newhart; Edward Norton; Anna Quindlen; Dan Rather; Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.; Ricky Skaggs; Gore Vidal; Forest Whitaker and others.
The article is in error when it says, "In addition to his daily show (8 to 9 a.m.), XM airs Bob Edwards Weekend, a two-hour program featuring highlights from the daily show." XM does not air Bob Edwards Weekend, although some of us can't figure out why it doesn't...

Congrats again, Bob!
Charlie Summers
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