Bob Responsible for a Film Deal...

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Bob Responsible for a Film Deal...

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According to The Public Eye blog article On "Gotcha,"
Ken Silverstein: Well, it?s not in the hands of a film studio. It?s been optioned by someone inside Hollywood who wants to see it made into a movie. It?s been optioned as a potential film. I know how it happened. Michael Sigman who optioned it called me after he heard me on the Bob Edwards show on XM radio. He said ?I just couldn?t believe that story. It was the most incredible thing I?ve heard .. and I?ve got to see if I can make this into a movie. I think it?s really extraordinary.? To make a long story short, that?s how he heard about it. He then went through the regular steps, talking to my agent, and we agreed to option it to him with the hopes that he?ll be able to make it into a movie.

Matthew Felling: So it wasn?t necessarily a fruit of the Beltway controversy. He didn?t hear about it from the debate you incited?

Ken Silverstein: Yeah, it was before the media controversy got started. It was before I had my op-ed published in the Los Angeles Times, discussing the feedback I got. The Bob Edwards show was the first he?d heard about it. I remember that because after we began talking, I e-mailed him the op-ed I had in the LA Times.
Wonder if Bob got an agent's fee? ;)

FYI, the show date was June 21, 2007.
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