Sound quality change?

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Sound quality change?

Post by CharlieSummers »

Has anyone else noticed a slight decrease in sound quality on XMPR? The "S" sound seems, to me, a bit more pronounced and muddy - I admit this might be my radio (been listening mostly at home with the Roady2 connected through an external FM transmitter), or even my ageing ears.

Tim, have you noticed any changes recently?
Charlie Summers
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Brian L Bedsworth
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Post by Brian L Bedsworth »

It's not just XMPR; there's a more pronounced sibillance and "wateriness" on all the XM voice channels in recent days. The codec used for local traffic/weather channels in particular is now so degraded as to be essentially incomprehensible.

If XM feels it necessary to lower bitrates on its voice channels (birds 1&2 weakening even before number 4 can make it into orbit later this month?), the least it could do is set a reasonable lowpass filter to prevent all that artifacting.
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Post by tps »

Yes, I've noticed some degradation on XM channels in general as well as on Sirius channels. Classic Vinyl the other morning sounded like a very out-of-line 8 track deck. I don't think is was an effect just for nostagia's sake. :) Hopefully XM will be able to reclaim some bandwidth with the baseball season winding down.