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Hear something else on XM Public Radio you want to tell others about? It's <EM>your</EM> public radio station, and here's where you talk about what you like..and what you don't like...airing on XMPR.
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XM Nation

Post by CharlieSummers »

Am I the only one who thinks it's time for Scott Walterman to stick a fork in this show? They don't have the budget to do anything with it, and this, "XM Nation...goes eclectic" jukebox nonsense is getting really old.

Or am I the only one who ever listened to the show?
Charlie Summers
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Post by tps »

I heard XMPR playing music Saturday night; I just switched to another station. There are enough channels on XM that play music all the time. XM's hosted music programs such as American Routes, Riverwalk Jazx, Mountain Stage, etc are great, because they are unique, but we don't need a "jukebox". There are plenty of other choices on XM...
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XMPR Jukebox

Post by RussGifford »

Ummm. Never heard it.

Doesn't sound like anything I'll be going out of my way to find, either!
---Russ Gifford