Bob on Good Morning America Radio

We'll try to keep up with Bob's personal appearances around the country and give lots of advanced notice. This is also the place to post with your own experiences meeting Bob at book signings and fund raisers.
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Bob on Good Morning America Radio

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Finally got the chance to listen to Bob's appearance last Friday on Good Morning America Radio on Take Five, XM Channel 155. A few observations:

1) Listening to this channel gives me enhanced gratitude for the music shows on XMPR. Granted, I'd rather have more news and information programming, but without the music shows XMPR would be using this codec, and sound this bad. ('s like listening to the show over your POTS telephone.)

2) After four hours listening to Take Five I needed an infusion of testosterone, so I had to watch an episode of 24.

3) Hilarie Barsky, who conducted the interview, is...hum, how to put this...a little too light for my tastes. It was clear she's young enough not to have grown up listening to Bob on that other network (she stumbled over his name and channel details clearly looking for her cue sheet in the intro). Might be because she was groomed to do television (read: "short attention span theater"), might be because good interview techniques aren't taught anymore, could be just her flaw, but no matter I was somewhat unimpressed. Bob, a time or two, helped her out by answering questions she didn't directly ask...better questions than she thought about.

4) It was nice to hear about Sam. C'mon, guys, throw us a bone...let Bob talk a little about Sam during the holiday season. Maybe a pic on the XM website? (What am I thinking...there isn't promotion of XM programs on the XM website, how the heck are they gonna get a pic of Sam up there?)

Bob will appear on Broadminded, also on Take Five, this coming Monday, December 11; the show starts at 5:00 PM in the East, 2:00 PM in the West. Ah, well, that show's only three hours, so maybe I'll only need an episode of The Unit afterwards...
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