Mr. Bob Edwards Performs in Chicago

We'll try to keep up with Bob's personal appearances around the country and give lots of advanced notice. This is also the place to post with your own experiences meeting Bob at book signings and fund raisers.
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Mr. Bob Edwards Performs in Chicago

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Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming. This evening, for your listening and viewing pleasure and as mentioned earlier in the week during the interview with Margaret Atwood, a video clip from last month's Third Coast Audio Festival in Chicago. The orchestra OneRing Zero performs, with guest artist Mr. Bob Edwards on the Theremin. This dignified performance is made available through the courtesy of Ms. Andy Danyo.

Mr. Bob Edwards on the Theremin
Charlie Summers
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Mr. Bob Edwards Performs in Chicago

Post by Judygalloway »

Hmmm. Bob certainly has the moves, but...maybe he should keep his day job?? :wink:
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The Moves

Post by RussGifford »

O.. ...K that was certainly... unexpected!!

But very fun! Any background - was this an early Christmas party and a few too many bets were made - and lost?

Too funny!
---Russ Gifford