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Reply from Hugh Panero...

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I guess I'll take up the topic here, since I have a login here but not at Nostalgic Rumbings...

I've not written Hugh Panero, but I did email Lee Abrams about Fine Tuning. He sent me a personal reply within just a few minutes and forwarded my email to Ben Smith, PD at Fine Tuning, whi also replied promptly.

I emailed XMPR about "From the Nation's Capital" and received a personal reply from Sam Litzinger within the hour. I've also had a few email exchanges with Scott Walterman.

Over the years, I've probably sent maybe 50 emails to various air personalities at XM, and I don't ever remember not getting a reply.

I even emailed Heidi Selexa at her new gig at KMYI in San Diego and she replied. Unfortunately, she now works for the Evil Empire; the reply came back with a "Clear Channel" address. Oh well, I can't blame her. It's not as if one has much choice these days...
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