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Ivy B
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Morning Edition

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I know, I know, I shouldn't listen, but sometimes it just happens. This morning they did again one of the things that is utterly laughable. When they begin a story, they have different voices read a sentence at a time. (Sorry for the bad description.)

Last time Steve read one sentence of introduction, then Renee read a sentence, then Steve, then Renee -- isn't that special. Like kindergarten!

This morning it was a story about Sandy Weil, a fluffy piece about his new book, and they had different people (unidentifiable) read a sentence for about six different sentences. The people seemed to be some they talked to for background on Weil and the various things he did on his way to head Citigroup. The effect was even sillier than when it was just Steve and Renee.


That made listening to Bob after even better.

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Aren't Steve and Renee on opposite coasts? Maybe NPR is doing this because they CAN. Back around 1980, they tried it for the first time that I can remember, with Noah Adams in San Francisco and Susan Stamberg in Washington on ATC. As I remember, anticipating the satellite delay to Washington gave Noah fits, so it was only marginally successful. Maybe they do bi-costal chit-chat these days because they've finally perfected it.
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