Howard Stern gets rich(er) today....

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Howard Stern gets rich(er) today....

Post by Judygalloway »

Kind of makes one a bit ill.... :roll:

Updated: 8:59 a.m. ET Jan. 6, 2006
NEW YORK - Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. will give radio talk show host Howard Stern 34 million shares of stock ? worth about $220 million (euro182 million) at today's prices ? because the company has met agreed-upon targets for gaining new subscribers under its 2004 deal with the shock jock.
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Post by tps »

I find it somewhat interesting that the talk is about all the listeners that will be following Howard to Sirius. I have had more than one person tell me that they got Sirius to hear Howard.

It makes me wonder if XM hasn't had a similar trend with Bob Edwards listeners, and if not, why not? Maybe the Howard effect is so strong because he's spent the last YEAR talking about his future Sirius show at every opportunity, while the perception, at least the one that I have, is that unfortunately many of Bob Edwards' former listeners either don't know about XM or haven't been reminded often enough. Maybe Bob Edwards Weekend will be a step in the right direction.
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Re: Howard Stern gets rich(er) today....

Post by CharlieSummers »

Judygalloway wrote:Kind of makes one a bit ill.... :roll:
I remember Bob in an interview saying he didn't want to make Howard Stern money, he'd be satisfied making Howard Stern's manager money. ;)
tps wrote:Maybe Bob Edwards Weekend will be a step in the right direction.
I think you're right. I know there are enough mentions..."Welcome back to Bob Edwards Weekend, produced by XM Satellite Radio and distributed by PRI, Public Radio International."

It's been pretty frustrating finding a list of stations carrying the show...the PRI "Station Finder" is useless (I wrote to their webmaster last week asking them to add Bob Edwards Weekend to their list, which they did, but I should have asked for them to actually input the data as well - even for states I know have stations airing it, it comes up empty), and I didn't even get info from the show (I didn't bother anyone directly, rather sent mail to the show address). Someone really needs to nudge all concerns into promoting the terrestrial show more. (And why isn't it running on XMPR, too?) Heck, wouldn't break my heart if XM promoted the XMPR show more, either - I'm sick to death of them promoting Dopy and Tony instead of Edwards. I'd rather they "Spread the Vaccine."

Still, I can't get over WEMU-FM replacing Weekend Edition - poor Scott won't be doing any fundraising in Easterm MI any time soon... ;)
Charlie Summers
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Weekend Edition (!)

Post by RussGifford »

Weekend Edition - poor Scott won't be doing any fundraising in Easterm MI any time soon...
I tell you - THAT would be the end of NPR for me. It is tough enough on the days Scott is out - and here's hoping his voice comes back this week!
---Russ Gifford
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